When you hire employees for a small business, recognize that each employment decision has an enormous impact on the culture of the company.

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The IDEAL WORK ENVIRONMENT is Where You (& Your Employees) Fit

The ideal work environment is one that fits. Nothing positions you or your employees for success like fit. The benefits are enormous…

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Case Studies of PXT Select™ ASSESSMENT

One of the greatest benefits of PXT Assessment is it’s customizable.  The cherished outcome is to get to “Fit,” and sometimes that fit is dependent on…

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VALIDITY & RELIABILITY in Assessment: Why It Matters

Validity and reliability in assessments are the two pivotal indicators to tell you if an assessment’s results can be trusted.

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WORK CULTURE: Nothing Matters More in Finding Fit

Your Work Culture Drives Everything in Your Business “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” said Peter Drucker, often…

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TOXIC WORK ENVIRONMENTS: Not Every Problem is a “Fit” Issue

Toxic Work Environments Self-perpetuate. Culture is the most important feature of any work environment.  If a work…

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EMPLOYEE TRAINING: Find Their Zone of Fit & Then Train

Employee Training is Incredibly Effective When Done Right…. and a waste of money when done wrong. The…

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CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS: How to Replace Volume with Skill

Rather than expressing our emotions, our issues, and our requests with solid communication accuracy, we instead just increase the volume in conflict.  Unfortunately, this lowers the odds of being heard. 

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SELF-MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Is Feedback Your Gold or Kryptonite

Feedback is the Holy Grail of self-management and emotional intelligence.  Feedback should be enthusiastically welcomed, even “negative”…

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INTRApersonal INTELLIGENCE: Make Who You Are Work For You

Intrapersonal Intelligence is having a keen Knowledge of the Self.  But, in order to have that intelligence, …

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NATURE VS. NURTURE: Which One Impacts You Most?

If you want to Follow Your Fit™, you need to understand the difference between nature vs. nurture. You use both to find your ideal niche.

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Geniuses, Madmen & You: 10 Super Traits of CREATIVE PEOPLE

Creative people have 10 traits are a mix of contradictions. But those personality traits are the environment for creativity to flourish.

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IMPOSTER SYNDROME (Lie): I’m Not Good Enough to Teach This!

You learn by teaching.  It’s the very act of teaching it–and putting your content (and yourself) out there that will give you confidence and enough knowledge to “hold your own.”

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Find a TRUSTED ADVISOR (& Profit) So You Are Not Alone

Trusted Advisor can make the difference between success and failure. Our own judgment can be skewed, too self-critical and sometimes too ego-driven.

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