SELF-MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Is Feedback Your Gold or Kryptonite

Feedback is the Holy Grail of self-management and emotional intelligence.  Feedback should be enthusiastically welcomed, even “negative”…

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PROTECT YOUR ENERGY, Business & Sanity: Avoid 1 Wrong Person

Protect your energy, business, & sanity by understanding this Good/Bad Ratio. Bad weighs more than good: One bad person can destroy

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TIME IS MONEY-Warren Buffett on 1 Skill to Build Your Wealth

Warren Buffett said, “The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.” Time is a valuable commodity, and the old adage “time is

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CAREER SHIFT: Think Like an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee

Aaron had worked for the same company for nineteen years, and made a good salary but, in…

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The One DECISION-MAKING Experience That Changed My Life

In my Air Force career I have had many opportunities; I have had to compete against hundreds of my peers and colleagues over a

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