"Learn. Learn. Learn. The greatest competitive advantage for an entrepreneur is knowledge."

- Mark Cuban, billionaire, Shark Tank

"Learn. Learn. Learn. The greatest competitive advantage for an entrepreneur is knowledge."

- Mark Cuban, billionaire, Shark Tankright

Tamela Lewis Bank Your Knowledge

FIND YOUR PURPOSE, Profit & Breakthrough.

Thousands of freelancers, consultants, coaches, writers, and entrepreneurs get actionable advice and valuable resources to find your purpose, create a profitable online course, and create your breakthrough.

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Purpose, Profit & Breakthrough

Purpose:  Find Your Fit

Fit for a Purpose” is based on the most widely researched purpose theory of all time:  You must Fit!  Maximize your contribution, satisfaction, and gifts. You can do good and do well.  Discover your 7 Selves & the 5 Types of Fit.

Profit:  Sell Your Knowledge

Profit from Your Knowledge:  “Bank Your Course” teaches you how to  share your knowledge for profit. Unprecented Opportunity exists because of the knowledge economy & a global marketplace.

Breakthrough:  Be Your Greatest

Bank Your Breakthrough” is a monthly coaching program designed to create Peak Performance. Maximize yourself, your dream, and your relationship with others.

Purpose:  Find Your Fit

The Importance of Purpose

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Profit:  Sell Your Knowledge

Ten Strategies for Teaching Effectively in Your Digital Course

Most of us, somewhere in our lifetime, have been the recipient of great teaching and have sat under the tutelage of a great instructor.  Today Lifelong Learning is a must.  Everyone in every professional community will be asked at some time to fill one or both...

The Three Revolutions and the Impact of Their Multiplier

Yes, we are in the midst of a New Wealth Revolution. Economic Revolutions happen when a multiplier is introduced into the equation.  Because of the multiplier, increased wealth becomes available. Each revolution had a very specific multiplier that created the...

Global Wealth

Three Little-Known Facts About Today’s Coming Bonanza  What Pigs & Roman Slaves Can Teach Us About Opportunity You might as well have been a pig or a Roman slave.  For over 2000 years, the average human being lived in material conditions that were not much...

Breakthrough:  Be Your Greatest

How Getting Fired Lead Me to My Best Employer

By Quintin Guinn Getting Fired Led Me to My Best Employer I had been relocated by my company to a new city, half way across the earth….well, Okay, half-way across the U.S.  Within weeks of this expensive upheaval in my life, the company I was working for folded.  I...

At 72, I Started Blogging and Writing

At 72 I was left sick and somewhat disabled and quite frankly bored! A young friend called Lauren sat at my new laptop, [a present from my brother] and said 'Okay say the opening lines and I'll type it for you!' Unable to argue with her about the senselessness of me...

I Was Only 16 and for the Second Time, I Dropped Out of School

By Christina Martinez I was only 16 and for the second time, I dropped out of school.  My mom had been thrown in jail temporarily for a month, but now she was arrested again and going away for a long time.  I had no other family and my dad didn’t want me to live with...

The Surprising Way I Learned to Make Better Decisions

By Jamie Hingtgen Officiating at a sporting event is a demanding position.  Initially, I was motivated to do it for only one reason:  to give back; but, much to my surprise, it proved to be an inroad into my career promotion. As an athlete in junior high and high...

People Fill in the Blanks for What is NOT Communicated

Life coaching demands excellent communication skills and this essential communication principle must be part of your practice: people fill in the blanks for what is not communicated. My suitcases are monstrosities: big, black and very heavy. And of course, at every...


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