Why Creating a Course Will Change Your Life

A Course is the Great Multiplier

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A course multiplies your time, energy, money, and expertise. It can go where you can’t go. It can change people’s lives while you sleep. It can influence people you will never meet.

Each one of us only has so many hours and so many days to make things happen while we are on this earth.  Everyone needs a multiplier.

In the Agricultural Age, ANIMALS Were the Great Multiplier

Whether it was oxen to plow the fields or a horse to gather the cattle, in the Agricultural Age, your livelihood was multiplied dramatically with the help of animals.

animals as the multipliers

Industrial Age, MACHINES were the Great Multiplier

The assembly line with its use of machines, created the great Industrial Revolution, which transformed society.  People’s wealth (and their potential was wealth) was multiplied dramatically.

In the Knowledge Economy, KNOWLEDGE is the Great Multipliermachines as multipliers

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By creating a course, you are sharing your knowledge and accessing the greatest wealth multiplier in the history of mankind.

What can a course do?

1. A Course Gives You Time Freedom To Do What You Want To Do.

Instead of exchanging an hour for money, you put the time in upfront to create a course and reap the benefit on an ongoing basis.  Your course can be sold 24/7 without you being present.  No more trading hours for dollars.

2. A Course is Scalable.

When you offer consulting and coaching, you can only see so many clients.  But when you put the same information in a course, you can reach many more people.  The result can be that your influence and income grow exponentially.  Your business is put on steroids.

3. A Course is Part of an Exploding Industry.

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It’s no secret that the market for online courses is big – and it’s getting bigger.

1. According to Forbes, the e-learning online space is worth 350 Billion and growing [1].

2. The knowledge economy is growing 4x faster than the rest of the economy. [2] 

3. And Google searches for online courses increased by over 100% across the world from mid-March to mid-April of one year alone.

What does that mean? It means you have knowledge already in your head that someone else can learn from.
You don’t have to be an expert or a coach or have certifications, qualifications, or degrees. You just have to be a few steps ahead of your students.

You can create an online course that people will purchase with knowledge that you already have.
Maybe you are knowledgeable on the topic of nutrition, working out, business, marketing, dog training, relationships, you name it.  The options are limited only by your imagination, interest, and commitment to learn.

If you know something that other people don’t, it’s very, very profitable, and if you want to get a piece of that 350 billion pie, I want to share with you how to do it.

4. A Course Can Give You Passive Income.

There is no such thing as totally passive income, but a course can come pretty close. You see, you only have to create the course once…

…but you get paid over and over again. With each and every student.

Unlimited income that grows every year…

 5. A Course Lets You Work from Home & Live Anywhere.

There is no commute time. Well, I admit, there is the looooong journey in your sweats from the living room to your office, but who’s counting?  😉

  • Do you want to stay home with your kids? (Research shows that kids do better with a parent at home.)  [4]  Creating and selling a course from home is the way to do it.
  • Did you know studies have found that even a 1% increase in commute times, can incentivize women to stay at home? [5]
  • Do you want to travel and explore the world? Create a course about your adventure.
  • Want to live closer to family, nature, or your favorite hotspot? Create an online course using knowledge you already have.

6. A Course Has No Inventory, No Shipping Costs, etc.

There is no inventory to keep track of and manage. Everything is delivered digitally.

7. A Course Lets You Be Your Own Boss. 

You are in control of your own destiny. This puts you in a much safer economic position.  One person—your boss—is not in charge of your income, your advancement, or your well-being.  You get to build positive momentum with many happy customers and your success only multiples.  The best way to predict the future is to create it.

8. A Course Can Make a Financial Impact.

For example, you could easily create a course, and earn an extra $500 or $1000 a month. What would that mean to you?

You can sell your course anywhere from $57.00 to $570.00 to $1,500.00.  There is a lot that goes into pricing your course, but the price tag, even at $57.00 can make a big difference in your financial situation.  A $57.00 course purchased by 100 people is $5,700.00.  What if you did that every month?

And if the course is priced at $1500.00 and you sell it to 100 people, that is $150,000.  Even if you sold 10/month, would $150,000/year change your financial picture?

9. A Course Protects You Against Competition.

If you are a small business and you educate your customers, it’s a hedge against your competition. In a Harvard Business Review article, researchers found that customers are less loyal than in years past, especially to “soft-spend” categories.

While 73% prefer to do business with a prior client, in the next 5 years, they expect that to drop to as low as 37%.

What is your insurance against that?  They found that those who “educate prospective clients” outperform other “rainmakers.”[6]

Never before have customers considered themselves learners, and businesses considered themselves educators. [7]

10. A Course Gives You Increased Visibility. It Extends Your Brand.

I can attest to the fact that when my course and speaking career went from local to global visibility, I increased financially in two ways:  more work and more pay for that work.  When you are known (“top of mind”), people think of coming to you for the answers.  And they will pay for those answers.  Another multiplier.

11. A Course Gives You Increased Credibility. You Become an Expert Among Experts.

If you are struggling to differentiate yourself in a crowded market, a course can “make you different.”  Because you share what you know, you become the Authority–the “GoTo InfoPro” in your area of expertise.

Not only does a course create a stream of income for you, but because of the increased credibility, it means you can also charge more for your other services such as consulting, coaching, legal, medical, etc.

12. A Course Will Future-Proof Your Income.

In the knowledge economy, future-proofing your income means adding a knowledge product (such as a course) to your portfolio.  Knowledge is only going to become more and more important and learning to share that knowledge will be a critical skill.

13. A Course Increases Your Professional Options.

In one survey of more than 50,000 learners who completed a course, 72% reported career benefits such as doing their current job more effectively, finding a new job, or receiving a raise.  [8]

14. A Course Can Add a Second Stream of Income.

Maybe you already own a business or have a career.

Having a second stream of income gives you income protection, increases your financial security and can be a great source of taxable write-offs.

15. A Course Can Give You Global Reach.

Maybe you are not into globe-trotting.  Maybe you are.  But your course can trot the globe for you.  We are now in a global economy, and being known outside of your present sphere of influence immediately increases your employment options.

What if you expanded that to the globe?

I can attest to the fact that when my speaking career went from local to national, I increased financially in two ways:  more work and more pay for that work.  Another multiplier.

16.  A Course Changes Lives.

It’s fun and it’s exciting to see how sharing your knowledge has a positive impact on others.  I think that is one of my favorite “highs”—seeing the lightbulb moment when someone “gets it.”  It really is thrilling.

My life has been so blessed by the many wonderful courses I have taken.  And I would like to think many others have been blessed by my courses.

Bonus:  And Finally, A Course Leaves a Legacy.

Carina Higgins shared this:  “One thing I’m noticing in my own mind, as well as many of us here, is that we’re doubting whether what we have to offer the world is good enough. Good enough to be bought by another person.

We’re guilty of equating our wisdom and what we have to offer, with the exchange of money.

But here’s an interesting way to look at it that will boost your motivation.

I’ll tell you a quick story. In 2013 I spent 30 days in a hospice. I was six months pregnant with my daughter (my first) and my mum was dying of terminal lung cancer.

I know this sounds horrible and shocking, but it’s a lovely story and not sad so bear with me

At death, almost everyone wished they had shared their knowledge.”


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