"Learn. Learn. Learn. The greatest competitive advantage for an entrepreneur is knowledge."

– Mark Cuban, billionaire, Shark Tank


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Bank Your Knowledge™

The Knowledge Economy, & Global Wealth

An Economic Revolution is underway.  We stand on the precipice of the Biggest Opportunity in the history of mankind and no, I’m not being overly dramatic or exaggerating. (This is according to Peter Diamandis, MIT grad, physician, engineer, entrepreneur, and best-selling author.)

Phillip Auserwald, author of The Coming Prosperity, calls this time the “most dynamic and promising era in human history—bar none.”

At no other time in the history of mankind has so much economic opportunity been so available to so many.

New York Times bestselling author, Malcolm Gladwell, observed: “We’ve seen that extraordinary achievement is less about talent than it is about opportunity.”

Lawton and Marom, two other authors agree. “In many cases, that opportunity was strongly related to being at the right place at the right time in history. They went on to say, “Well, the right time is now, and the right place, is on the Internet.”

Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds said, “Success requires two things:  being in the right place at the right time and doing something about it.”

You, my friend, are at the Right Place at the Right Time for the Great Opportunity.  You are living in the Third Wealth Revolution and the great multiplier is Knowledge.  Knowledge is the new currency, the new capital, and the new economic structure.

“Information is widely believed to be the future source of prosperity.”

According to Ernest and Young, “Knowledge plays the predominant role

  • In the creation of wealth
  • Is the only way to prosperity
  • Is more important than land, tools, and labor.”

So, let’s dive in.  How do you access this wonderful Opportunity?

  • First, you need a clear sense of Purpose
  • Second, you need a clear means to Profit.
  • Third, you need a Coach to travel with you on the journey to Breakthrough.

Find your Purpose Course:

People who are clear about their purpose live healthier and longer lives, endure difficult circumstances, contribute more to others, and are more profitable in their businesses.

  • In a study done at a Japanese university, researchers found that those who had a sense of purpose had lowered risk for heart attacks and a lower mortality rate.
  • The Jewish psychiatrist and concentration survivor, Victor Frankl, found that having a strong sense of purpose kept people alive in extremely difficult circumstances.
  • Adam Grant, a psychologist from the University of Pennsylvania, found that people who had a sense of purpose produced more.
  • And finally, MIT’s Richard Lester studied successful, mature, large U.S. corporations to see what their secret was. He found that one of the main characteristics that set them apart was a “sense of purpose beyond profit.” (And not surprisingly, they had financial profit also.)

Having a clear sense of purpose provides many benefits.  In my Find Your Purpose course, I will show you how to find your purpose and your greatest place of contribution and profit.

Create Your Course 

You can access a global audience from your laptop.  As a fellow expert, your greatest place of profit and contribution is through a profitable online course where you share your expertise with thousands of others across the globe.

And if you don’t consider yourself an expert?  I can show you how to become one.  Expertise is developed, honed and crafted.  It is 100% doable.

In either case, consider me your Sherpa.  Sherpas are the mountaineering guides so well-known for helping people climb Mt. Everest.  I know how to help you create a profitable online course.  It may seem like Mount Everest to you, but a good Sherpa can make all the difference.

If there is anything I know, it’s how t share knowledge through courses.  I have been in the course building business for over 25 years and together, we are unstoppable.

I’m excited to be on your team!

Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough Coaching is intended to take you to the next level in your life and your business.

I studied Positive Psychology at Harvard and that is always my orientation in coaching.

In the beginning, Positive Psychology was revolutionary.  Up until the birth of Positive Psychology, psychology was based mostly on the study of dysfunction—what didn’t work and why.  Then, a different line of thought took hold in psychology.

  • Why are we studying the people who struggle the most?
  • Why don’t we study the ones who excel?
  • What are they doing and why?

And a whole new branch of psychology was born.

Positive Psychology studies the “Tip of the Stem.”  The Tip of the Stem of the plant is the part of the plant that is growing, moving, thrusting forward.  And that’s us!  You and I are in that group and together, we can change the world.  We can make a difference.

It doesn’t mean we don’t struggle.  Far from it.  But we choose resilience and a commitment to overcome.

Want to know how to overcome?

Find One Ally.

In resilience research, they found if a child had One Ally, that child was primed to overcome almost any hardship.  A teacher, an aunt, a pastor, a rabbi, a neighbor….someone…who served as an example, a motivator, a mentor could make all the difference in an individual’s life.

And the same principle of One Ally was found with jurors.  Rarely could one lone juror hold out against the other jurors…..unless…  Unless……that juror had One Ally.

Overcomers secret weapon is One Ally.  One person somewhere who believed in them, was rooting for them, and cheering them on.

Think of me as that One Ally.  That’s what I’m here to do for you.  Cheer you on.  Tell you to take one more step when you think you can’t.  Push the envelope.  Keep going!  You can do it!

I will be your One Ally in Breakthrough Coaching.

Bank Your Knowledge™

I’ve spent my life in the Knowledge business and at Bank Your Knowledge, my sole desire and purpose is to share Knowledge with you so that your life and your business can be impacted positively and profitably.

Profit can be defined as more income, more time, more meaning, more satisfaction, more contribution.


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