Why Creating a Course Will Change Your Life

A Course is the Great Multiplier

A course multiplies your time, energy, money, and expertise. It can go where you can’t go. It can change people’s lives while you sleep. It can influence people you will never meet.

Each one of us only has so many hours and so many days to make things happen while we are on this earth.  Everyone needs a multiplier.

In the Agricultural Age, Animals Were the Great Multiplier

Whether it was an oxen to plow the fields or a horse to gather the cattle, in the Agricultural Age your livelihood depended on animals.










Even today, World Vision helps rural families to multiply their families’ income and resources by using donations to purchase animals.











A team of Siberian Husky sled dogs helped deliver life-saving serum to Nome, Alaska during a diphtheria epidemic in 1925.  It was known as the Great Race of Mercy. Balto was the lead dog of his team and led them through a blizzard to deliver the serum, earning him and his team national fame.

Animals have long been the first heroic multipliers.












In the Industrial Age, Machines were the Great Multiplier

The Wright Brothers invented the machine that allowed man to fly-the prototype of the airplane.

Henry Ford had a story about the first time he ever saw a working machine. He was 12 and it happened right after his mom had died during childbirth.

“He was going along with his father and he saw one of the farm machines that were used during those days coming towards him down the track, but with one addition. It was moving itself because the engineer had fixed a chain from the axle to the machine to the wheel, so it was sorta a crude self-propelling motor car.  And for Henry Ford, this was like the road to Damascus,” says Robert Lacey, author, of “FORD: The Man and the Machine.”

Ford knew he wanted to work with machines and at 16, he walked to Detroit (9 miles) and found work at the Dry Dock Co, makers of Iron Boats. It gave him a chance to work on motors.

It would be instrumental in ushering in the Great Multiplier of the Industrial Age, the automobile.










In the Knowledge Economy, Knowledge is the Great Multiplier

By creating a course, you are sharing your knowledge and accessing the greatest wealth multiplier in the history of mankind.

What can a course do?


  1. A course gives you Time Freedom to do what you want to do. Instead of exchanging an hour for money, you put the time in upfront to create a course and reap the benefit on an ongoing basis.  Your course can be sold 24/7 without you being present.  No more trading hours for dollars.


  1. A course is Scalable. When you offer consulting and coaching, you can only see so many clients.  But when you put the same information in a course, you can reach many more people.  The result can be that your influence and income grow exponentially.  Your business is put on steroids.




According to Forbes, the e-learning online space will be worth 350 Billion.

What does that mean? It means you have knowledge already in your head that someone else can learn from.
You don’t have to be an expert or a coach or have certifications, qualifications, or degrees. You just have to be a few steps ahead of your students.

You can create an online course that people will purchase with knowledge that you already have.
Maybe you are knowledgeable on the topic of nutrition, working out, business, marketing, dog training, relationships, you name it.  The options are limited only by your imagination, interest, and commitment to learn.

If you know something that other people don’t, it’s very, very profitable, and if you want to get a piece of that 350 billion pie, I want to share with you how to do it.


Lacey, R. (1986). FORD: The Man and the Machine. NY: Little Brown & Co.



(Using Knowledge You Already Have)