SELF-MANAGEMENT SKILLS: Is Feedback Your Gold or Kryptonite

Feedback is the Holy Grail of self-management and emotional intelligence.  Feedback should be enthusiastically welcomed, even “negative”…

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Imposter Syndrome (Lie): I’m Not Good Enough to Teach This!

You learn by teaching.  It’s the very act of teaching it–and putting your content (and yourself) out there that will give you confidence and enough knowledge to “hold your own.”

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GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY: Is a $10,000 Cat a Limiting Factor?

A Limiting Factor constrains you in some way.  The single, most powerful way to release exponential growth in your life and in your

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FACE YOUR FEARS: We Attract What We Fear & 3 Other Truths

Kathy Kliner was attacked in the Chi Omega house by Ted Bundy. She was one of the ones who survived. She said “After I got attacked

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MINDSET IS EVERYTHING: You Have to Care, But Not Too Much

Joe Montana, Hall of Fame quarterback, said it well, that “the key to performing well under pressure (i.e. not “choking in the clutch”) is

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