Conflict Resolution Skills: Do You Replace Volume for Skill?

Rather than expressing our emotions, our issues, and our requests with solid communication accuracy, we instead just increase the volume in conflict.  Unfortunately, this lowers the odds of being heard. 

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INTRApersonal Intelligence: Sync Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Intrapersonal Intelligence is having a keen Knowledge of the Self.  But, in order to have that intelligence, …

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Get Your Own Trusted Advisor (& Profit) So You Are Not Alone

When you want to create a course, the task can, at first, seem daunting.  Relying on someone…

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10 traits of expert power

10 Ways to Increase Your Expert Power (& Your Income)

Today’s top digital content course creators, like Sherpas, help others reach incredible heights. You can make a big difference in people’s lives

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HOW TO ENCOURAGE SOMEONE: 3 Tips that Worked for Me

For one year, I taught fifth grade. And one child stole my heart: Alex. As a fifth grader, Alex’s grades never exceeded a “D” or “F.”

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How A Professional Coach Got Me Unstuck & Into My Law Career

The road to becoming a lawyer had its challenges but it was the Bar Exam, waiting for me at the end of three years of law school that

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