“You Make me So Mad”: How PERSONAL BELIEFS Keep You Stuck

Saying “I feel anger” is a world apart from saying “You make me so mad.” I know this may seem like inconsequential word splitting, but it isn’t.

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Insight vs. Negotiation: Which is Better To Settle Conflict?

Want to make any relationship better? Try insight instead of negotiation.  Understanding the why of a person’s motivation, fears, and concerns…

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CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS: How to Replace Volume with Skill

Rather than expressing our emotions, our issues, and our requests with solid communication accuracy, we instead just increase the volume in conflict.  Unfortunately, this lowers the odds of being heard. 

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CHANGE IS GOOD But The Wrong Method Will Make Your Miserable

As a coach, course creator, or CEO, you are often asking your clients or employees to go through change and change is often rewarding

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