WHAT MAKES A GOOD E-Course TEACHER? 8 Tactics for Excellence

When you are creating your course, your quality of teaching can make or break the success of that course. These 8 choices are key…

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Your BUSINESS GROWTH PLAN (How the Magic 10:1 Ratio Works)

After over twenty years of owning my own business, I will share with you the Magic 10:1 Ratio I wish I had understood when I started my business.

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LETTING GO VS. HOLDING ON: How Do You Make the Right Choice?

I have found this “Letting Go vs. Holding On” to be a hard dilemma. There are many situations that simply demand a little more persistence…

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Words TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: “I Can’t Help It” is Powerlessness

Think of your brain (and all human brains) like clay that can be sculpted with small incremental shifts—which will then pivot your life in one way or another.

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“You Make me So Mad”: How PERSONAL BELIEFS Keep You Stuck

Saying “I feel anger” is a world apart from saying “You make me so mad.” I know this may seem like inconsequential word splitting, but it isn’t.

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Choose 3 CORE VALUES (& Practice Them Like Ben Franklin Did)

Consciously Define Your 3 Core Values & Consciously Practice Them. Groucho Marx, the famed comedian said, “Those are my principles and if you don’t like them…

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COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES are Useful But Should be Invisible

I think of communication techniques like the bones in your body:  They lend support but are not supposed to be seen or obvious…

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Insight vs. Negotiation: Which is Better To Settle Conflict?

Want to make any relationship better? Try insight instead of negotiation.  Understanding the why of a person’s motivation, fears, and concerns…

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Your Greatest Disadvantage Could Become Your Greatest BLESSING

George Washington was childless. No doubt, this was a cause of great concern to him and perhaps a situation he often found baffling..

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In Your Course, Be Both Hero & Human: The LEADERSHIP PARADOX

Leaders are required to navigate a fast-moving freeway between being a Superhero on the one hand and a Real Human on the other.

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3 Steps to Decode BODY LANGUAGE : Get It Right the 1st Time

Before you ever interpret someone’s body language, you must know these three basic rules. They will help you in your course & your videos…

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12 Most PERSUASIVE WORDS in the English Language

Marketing experts have identifying the most powerful words in advertising that have a strong impact on consumers and their buying habits.

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Add This NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUE & Your Closing Rate Is 90%

Use this simple negotiation technique that psychology says will take your closing rate to 90%. Is the casual conversation that goes on before a negotiation really that impactful? Research says it is.

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Do the Rich THINK DIFFERENTLY? Money Starts in Your Head

It turns out the rich do think differently. There are key differences between the way rich people look at money. Here are 4 key ways..

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