COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES are Useful But Should be Invisible

I think of communication techniques like the bones in your body:  They lend support but are not supposed to be seen or obvious…

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In Your Course, Be Both Hero & Human: The LEADERSHIP PARADOX

Leaders are required to navigate a fast-moving freeway between being a Superhero on the one hand and a Real Human on the other.

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3 Steps to Decode BODY LANGUAGE : Get It Right the 1st Time

Before you ever interpret someone’s body language, you must know these three basic rules. They will help you in your course & your videos…

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Add This NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUE & Your Closing Rate Is 90%

Use this simple negotiation technique that psychology says will take your closing rate to 90%. Is the casual conversation that goes on before a negotiation really that impactful? Research says it is.

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PROTECT YOUR ENERGY, Business & Sanity: Avoid 1 Wrong Person

Protect your energy, business, & sanity by understanding this Good/Bad Ratio. Bad weighs more than good: One bad person can destroy

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OPEN COMMUNICATION-Build It (An Opportunity). They Will Come

Open communication is a key factor in the success of any business, organization or team. It is a process that involves the sharing of

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