Add This NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUE & Your Closing Rate Is 90%

Use this simple negotiation technique that psychology says will take your closing rate to 90%. 

Is the casual conversation that goes on before a negotiation really that impactful? Research says it is. How do you use it to make your closing rate go to 90%?

In the realm of small talk and negotiations, the insights shared by the esteemed psychologist Robert Cialdini shed light on the significance of seemingly casual conversations. Small talk may often be dismissed as trivial, but it plays a pivotal role in fostering rapport, which is crucial when it comes to negotiations.

Cialdini points out that one area where Americans can improve is in the practice of spending sociable time interacting with others. This interaction lays the foundation for establishing a commonality recognized by both parties. This common ground is a key element that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of negotiations.

Cialdini’s observations are backed by empirical evidence. For instance, a study involving MBA students demonstrated that the approach to initial communication significantly affected the outcome of negotiations.

chart got down to business




When participants were instructed to “get straight down to business” in their email negotiations, only 55% were able to reach a deal.










negotiation small talkHowever, when participants were encouraged to engage in small talk, share personal information, and find commonalities with their negotiation partners beforehand, an impressive 90% successfully struck a deal. Moreover, these deals were 18% more advantageous for both parties involved.

This phenomenon can be attributed to Cialdini’s research, which underscores the importance of likability in the negotiation process. When people like each other, they become more persuasive and cooperative, leading to more favorable outcomes in negotiations. Small talk, by allowing individuals to discover shared interests and personal details, accelerates the likability process, making negotiations smoother and more mutually beneficial.

In summary, the research in the context of small talk and negotiations clearly shows that fostering rapport through small talk and finding common ground significantly enhances the chances of reaching favorable agreements. Small talk isn’t just idle chatter; it’s the glue that binds negotiators together and paves the way for successful outcomes.


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