"Learn. Learn. Learn. The greatest competitive advantage for an entrepreneur is knowledge."

- Mark Cuban, billionaire, Shark Tank

"Learn. Learn. Learn. The greatest competitive advantage for an entrepreneur is knowledge."

- Mark Cuban, billionaire, Shark Tankright

Tamela Lewis

For over twenty years, I have Banked My Knowledge. I can help you do the same.

When asked how I got started, I often joke that I started my business on faith, adrenaline, and caffeine. (They are all still in use today.) But truthfully, being self-employed was always assumed in my family. An entrepreneurial spirit runs throughout my family as both my grandfathers, my father, my brother and my sister are all self-employed.

Before Harvard, I started with nothing and built an Expert Information business. I sold my Information Courses to Fortune 500 companies and spoke to thousands as a top-rated motivational speaker at conferences. I helped M&M Mars and Garoto Candy with their marketing. (I played a small part in the marketing process of creating the little M&M people campaign.) Today, with unparalleled opportunity in the Knowledge Economy, I help Knowledge Entrepreneurs create, market, and profit from online courses.

I have a degree from Harvard in education and psychology, so I know to teach you to teach. I have two other degrees as well: one is in speech, and the other is in communications. As a Knowledge Entrepreneur, I have always had one foot in business (being an entrepreneur) and one foot in academia (teaching college). This unique perspective has always helped me stay current, synergize, and apply research studies into the market place. Research. Apply. Research. Apply. It has been a perfect marriage between theory and practice and puts a Unique Stamp on my information courses and speeches.

That’s all the “hot dog” stuff. But a few years ago, I was filming a pilot for a TV show on entrepreneurship and, as a pedestrian going into a mall, was hit by a driver texting. I slept for a year, while my body and brain rebuilt itself.

It was during this time that I felt an overwhelming desire to make what I knew count for others. There’s nothing like having all the degrees and business accolades stripped away to realize what is important in life. My faith has always been foundational to my life, and now, it has become even more so.

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Before the accident, I was researching for “Bank Your Knowledge,” and I got so excited in the middle of my research because I realized the potential of the Knowledge Economy. It affords everyone the opportunity to now make a living AND a life by sharing what you know with others. The difficulty of the last few years have simply refined my focus, renewed my commitment, and deepened my passion and energy to make a difference where I can.

I can show you how to become an Edupreneur (Entrepreneur who Educates) by creating a digital course that sells your expertise. I can show you how to find your Purpose and find a niche you love that fits your personality, your values, and your needs.  If you are a Life Coach, I can show you how to be highly skilled. If you are seeking Purpose, Profit, or Breakthrough, I can show you how to build a successful business that gives you lifestyle freedom, global opportunities for wealth, and the ability to impact others and change the world.

I am here to make a difference in your life so you can make a difference in others’ lives. Let’s pay it forward together.

Bank Your Knowledge

Our mission is to help educational entrepreneurs and experts develop their gifts, their callings, and their passions and to help them create as much income as desired.  In order to create scalable wealth you need three things:  a bank, a brother, and a bridge.  1) You need a Bank of Knowledge, expertise and credibility.  2) You need a Brother.  A brother is someone on the other side of the bridge that wants to know what you know and is willing to pay for it.  3)  You need a Bridge, a conduit, a pipeline to share that knowledge.  That bridge is an digital course.  Our mission is to make that happen for you.

Multiply Yourself with Knowledge Products

We help businesses and business owners thrive and profit from the Knowledge Economy.  Our specialty is Income Multiplication by creating Knowledge Products.

Grow Your Business with New Marketing

If you or your business needs to ramp up sales, your first strategy should be to educate and add value.  Not Pitch.  And Not Sell.

Selling is the old model.  Educating (which is now synonymous with Marketing) is the new model.  Attracting the informed consumer makes selling so much easier.  When your marketing is educating, by the time the consumer is ready to purchase, the sale is easy.

If you or your business needs help attracting new customers, finding your market niche, or finding the right marketing message for your niche, we can help.

Grow Your Brand and Influence:  Write a Book We can help you create more credibility, more visibility,

and more income through a book.  Since we are all about Sharing Knowledge around here, we delight in helping our clients create non-fiction books.  Yes, we want your Smarts.  We will help you create a book of substance—based on your real-life experience and we will add good research to back it up.  But we don’t leave out the heart–the ever-so-important aspects like storytelling, metaphor use, and personality splashing on every page.

Create Passive Income through an Online Course

Specialized knowledge—especially knowledge that teaches people how to directly profit and build a business from that knowledge—is in high demand worldwide.  Online courses from experts sell at a price point of $1,000 and up.  Because they are delivered virtually, they are efficient, seamless, and a passive source of income.  Best of all, they pass on your well-earned expertise to hungry learners changing their life in the process.



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