"Learn. Learn. Learn. The greatest competitive advantage for an entrepreneur is knowledge."

– Mark Cuban, billionaire, Shark Tank


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About Tamela Lewis

For over twenty years, I have Banked My Knowledge. I can help you do the same.  I can help you, as an expert, business owner, or getting-there-expert to multiply your time, talent, and income with online courses.  I have been in this business for a long time, with a long list of happy clients.

When asked how I got started, I often joke that I started my business on faith, adrenaline, and caffeine. (They are all still in use today.) But truthfully, being self-employed was always assumed in my family. An entrepreneurial spirit runs throughout my family as both my grandfathers, my father, my brother and my sister are all self-employed.

I built an Expert Information business. I sold my Information Courses to Fortune 500 companies and spoke to thousands as a top-rated motivational speaker at conferences. I helped M&M Mars and Garoto Candy with their marketing. (I played a small part in the marketing process of creating the little M&M people campaign.) Today, with unparalleled opportunity in the Knowledge Economy, I help Knowledge Entrepreneurs create, market, and profit from online courses.

I have a degree from Harvard in education and psychology, so I know to teach you to teach. I have two other degrees as well: one is in speech, and the other is in communications.

As a Knowledge Entrepreneur, I have always had one foot in business (being an entrepreneur) and one foot in academia (teaching college). This unique perspective has always helped me stay current and synergize, and apply research studies into the market place.

Research. Apply. Research. Apply. It has been a perfect marriage between theory and practice and puts a Unique Stamp on my information courses and speeches.

That’s the “hot dog” stuff. But on a personal level…….a few years ago, I was filming a pilot for a TV show on entrepreneurship and, as a pedestrian going into a mall, was hit by a driver texting. I slept for a year, while my body and brain rebuilt itself.

It was during this time that I felt an overwhelming desire to make what I knew count for others. There’s nothing like having all the degrees and business accolades stripped away to realize what is important in life. My faith has always been foundational to my life, and after that accident, it become even more so.

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” 

I am here to make a difference in your life so you can make a difference in others’ lives.

  • I can guide you on how to find your Purpose and find a niche you love that fits your personality, your values, and your needs.
  • I can guide you on how to become a Knowledge Entrepreneur by creating a digital course that sells your expertise.
  • I can guide you to a Breakthrough in your life. I can guide you to peak performance and to being your best; if you are a Life Coach, I can guide you to profitability and a very high skill level.

Let’s pay it forward together.

Check out my professional bio here.


(Using Knowledge You Already Have)

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