Do the Rich Think Differently? Money Starts in Your Head

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1 Do the Rich Think Differently? Money Starts in Your Head

There are key differences between the way rich people look at money and the way others do, according to Steve Siebold, author of How Rich People Think

  • Wealthy people look at money in positive terms and as an opportunity, not in fear of being laid off or not having enough money for retirement.


  • Instead of worrying about running out of money, soon-to-be millionaires are thinking about how to make more money. World-class performers are finding problems that are profitable to solve. They know that just because a solution hasn’t been discovered yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


  • Millionaires tend to move towards what they want, rather than move away from what they don’t want.


  • World-class thinkers have the guts to be optimistic.  It’s not comfortable for a millionaire in the making to forge ahead when everyone around him or her is negative, cynical, and unsupportive, yet the great ones push forward and are rewarded with riches for the rest of their lives.

Creating wealth is an option for every person today because of the Knowledge Economy.  Creating a course allows you to share your knowledge and be a wealth creator.


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