Add This to Your Negotiation & Your Closing Rate Goes to 90%

In the realm of small talk and negotiations, the insights shared by the esteemed psychologist Robert Cialdini…

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12 Most Persuasive Words in the English Language

Marketing experts and researchers have been intrigued by the idea of identifying the most powerful words in…

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3 Steps to DECODE BODY LANGUAGE : Get It Right the 1st Time

Interpreting someone’s body language is pivotal to being a good communicator. Interpreting nonverbals helps you in interviews, hiring, conflict resolution, and day-to-day communication. There are three basic rules for interpretation

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Hero & Human: In Your Business & Course, Be Both

Successful leadership is the right mix of opposite characteristics, thus, the Leadership Paradox.  Leaders are required to navigate a

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Communication Techniques are Useful But Should be Invisible

I wondered what was wrong with my eye.  Why, when I was talking, was he staring at only one eye? Was my makeup smeared? Are my eyes red?

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“You Make me So Mad”: How PERSONAL BELIEFS Keep You Stuck

Have you ever told someone, “You make me so mad?”  Of course, you have!  We all have.  In my speeches, I often ask audiences this question

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