TIME IS MONEY-Warren Buffett on 1 Skill to Build Your Wealth

Warren Buffett said, “The rich invest in time, the poor invest in money.” Time is a valuable commodity, and the old adage “time is

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MINDSET IS EVERYTHING: You Have to Want It, But Not Too Much

Joe Montana, Hall of Fame quarterback, said it well, that “the key to performing well under pressure (i.e. not “choking in the clutch”) is

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PROFESSIONAL GOALS: Increase Your Odds of Success by 40%

Are you looking for ways to increase your odds of achieving your professional goals? It can be daunting to try and set and reach a goal,

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He Picked Us to Buy His Business Because of Our WORK ETHIC

We will never forget the day the owner of the shop next door stopped by and asked our manager, “Who are your best mechanics?”

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OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: Angela Uses Physical Challenges as Motivation

She has made adaptive choices since childhood, using her mouth, lips, and tongue to open, write, and maneuver her way through life.

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CONFRONTING A “BULLY” Gave Me Life Confidence at a Young Age

I confronted a bully at only three years old and ironically, this defining moment, gave me confidence for the rest of my life. I lived

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365 Quotes for Every Day of 2024

365 quotes for each day of 2023 keep you motivated, focused and forward-looking. Quotes allow us to learn from the wisdom of others.

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Overcoming My OBSTACLES IN LIFE: Mom in Jail; Me a Dropout

Mom was in jail and I was a drop-out. My greatest struggle was about to be my greatest triumph. I was only 16 and for the second time,

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The One DECISION-MAKING Experience That Changed My Life

In my Air Force career I have had many opportunities; I have had to compete against hundreds of my peers and colleagues over a

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