LETTING GO VS. HOLDING ON: How Do You Make the Right Choice?

I have found this “Letting Go vs. Holding On” to be a hard dilemma. There are many situations that simply demand a little more persistence…

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Words TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: “I Can’t Help It” is Powerlessness

Think of your brain (and all human brains) like clay that can be sculpted with small incremental shifts—which will then pivot your life in one way or another.

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“You Make me So Mad”: How PERSONAL BELIEFS Keep You Stuck

Saying “I feel anger” is a world apart from saying “You make me so mad.” I know this may seem like inconsequential word splitting, but it isn’t.

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COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUES are Useful But Should be Invisible

I think of communication techniques like the bones in your body:  They lend support but are not supposed to be seen or obvious…

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Insight vs. Negotiation: Which is Better To Settle Conflict?

Want to make any relationship better? Try insight instead of negotiation.  Understanding the why of a person’s motivation, fears, and concerns…

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3 Steps to Decode BODY LANGUAGE : Get It Right the 1st Time

Before you ever interpret someone’s body language, you must know these three basic rules. They will help you in your course & your videos…

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CONFLICT RESOLUTION SKILLS: How to Replace Volume with Skill

Rather than expressing our emotions, our issues, and our requests with solid communication accuracy, we instead just increase the volume in conflict.  Unfortunately, this lowers the odds of being heard. 

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Find a TRUSTED ADVISOR (& Profit) So You Are Not Alone

Trusted Advisor can make the difference between success and failure. Our own judgment can be skewed, too self-critical and sometimes too ego-driven.

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Use NEGATIVE ENERGY as Rocket Fuel (But Do It Sparingly)

Negative Energy, such as anger can be a highly effective motivator, but only in the short-term.  I was dumpster diving.  I admit it.

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GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY: Is a $10,000 Cat a Limiting Factor?

A Limiting Factor constrains you in some way.  The single, most powerful way to release exponential growth in your life and in your

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