The IDEAL WORK ENVIRONMENT is Where You (& Your Employees) Fit

The Ideal Work Environment is one where you (and your employees) Fit. There is no other career…

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INTRApersonal INTELLIGENCE: Make Who You Are Work For You

Intrapersonal Intelligence is having a keen Knowledge of the Self.  But, in order to have that intelligence, …

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NATURE VS. NURTURE: Which One Impacts You Most?

If you want to Follow Your Fit™, you need to understand the difference between nature vs. nurture. You use both to find your ideal niche.

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Geniuses, Madmen & You: 10 Super Traits of CREATIVE PEOPLE

Creative people have 10 traits are a mix of contradictions. But those personality traits are the environment for creativity to flourish.

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GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY: Is a $10,000 Cat a Limiting Factor?

A Limiting Factor constrains you in some way.  The single, most powerful way to release exponential growth in your life and in your

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PUNISHED FOR STRENGTHS at Work? 5 Ways to Follow Your Fit™

Albert Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius.  But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

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CAREER SHIFT: Think Like an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee

Aaron had worked for the same company for nineteen years, and made a good salary but, in…

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How A PROFESSIONAL COACH Got Me Unstuck & Into My Law Career

The road to becoming a lawyer had its challenges but it was the Bar Exam, waiting for me at the end of three years of law school that

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The Solution to the PETER PRINCIPLE is to Follow Your Fit™

In contrast to the Peter Principle is a more important principle: Follow Your Fit. Tom was a loan officer in a small bank, but not just any loan officer—he was the top one, and the best by a long shot. 

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Creativity Quotes to Inspire Innovation & Resourcefulness

Enjoy the creativity quotes to inspire, innovate, & engage. Creativity is needed everywhere–even in simple daily problem-solving.

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