"Learn. Learn. Learn. The greatest competitive advantage for an entrepreneur is knowledge."

– Mark Cuban, billionaire, Shark Tank


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    At 72, I Started Blogging and Writing

    Pelham McMahon


    At 72, I was left sick and somewhat disabled and quite frankly, bored! A young friend called Lauren sat at my new laptop, [a present from my brother] and said ‘Okay say the opening lines and I’ll type it for you!’

    Unable to argue with her about the senselessness of me writing a novel, I came out with a ridiculous sentence, now discarded. Two pages later she left and I read what I had dictated. Six weeks later I was still thumping away; when my hands were too sore, I used a pencil to hit the keys.

    Now a year later the first three stories are out as an e-book thanks to a friend who told me about VDU publishing. I am nearly finished with the next three stories. I know the story lines are original and quite funny, but the new ones are more serious.

    Today I have a great sense of achievement, in spite of the fact that I don’t have a degree, I failed the 11+ and had to sit OL English 5 times.  Ironically, this was all due to the fact that as a left handed person, I was forced to be right handed and the resultant word blindness still affects me.  I have to rely on spell check and even that can let me down. (A wonderful lady called Lynda is my fall back over my spelling mistakes. She also checks my punctuation as eyesight problems mean I cannot see even the full stop.)

          I wanted to post Pelham’s story because it shows the power of many things—encouraging others to find their gifts as both                                  Lauren and Lynda did for Pelham, pushing past difficult barriers and obstacles, and refining your gift as you move forward in it.

           Go, Pelham.  You are an encouragement to many. You can find her website here:  http://www.pelhammcmahon.co.uk/



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