"Learn. Learn. Learn. The greatest competitive advantage for an entrepreneur is knowledge."

– Mark Cuban, billionaire, Shark Tank


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Three Little-Known Facts About Today’s Coming Entrepreneurial Bonanza


What Pigs & Roman Slaves Can Teach Us About Opportunity

You might as well have been a pig or a Roman slave.  For over 2000 years, the average human being lived in material conditions that were not much different from livestock or a Roman slave.  If you lived then, you probably would have lived in one room with a lot of other people and animals, couldn’t read, had no available medical care, and ate badly with inadequate food (Nasar, 2011).

Through the rise and fall of great empires–the Roman, the Chinese, the Ottoman, the Arabic, nothing changed for the average person.  During those empires, there were great inventions, great discoveries, great artistic achievements, but none of those inventions or advancements changed life for the average person.

Even up until 1800, 9/10 of the world was destitute.  Nine-tenths of humanity were forced to drudge their way through short and miserable lives.  This was accepted as the normal plight of humanity throughout most of human history.  Poverty was a “given.”

How Bygone Prophets Mislead You (And Don’t Want You to Know)

Then in the middle of the 19th century, another possibility happened—a possibility that there could be so much productivity and abundance that people could live like they had never lived before.  Before this time, prognosticators such as Marx and Engles in the middle of the 19th century said that all you could expect is increased misery and poverty.

But their paradigm was wrong.  And ironically, the paradigm shift was happening at almost the same time they were saying it.  They, as well as others, said that resources would diminish as the population would increase, thus making continuing poverty the only option.  The exact opposite happened.  Their fatalism was based on an inaccurate assumption:  limited resources. 

Why Were Their Predictions So Wrong?  What Secret Ingredient/Info was Left Out/of the Equation?

According to Nasar, Sylvia in the Grand Pursuit:  The Story of Economic Genius (Nasar, 2011), what created the bonanza we enjoy today is the realization that the pool of resources were increased by increasing productivity.  Productivity meant taking the same resources—human beings–but accomplishing a lot more.  Productivity changed the paradigm from dividing a “limited pie” to creating a “bigger pie.”  Since then, there has been a 10 fold increase in the standard of living around the world.  This is the world average–including the poorest, as well as the richest countries, and has held true for well over hundred years (Nasar, 2011).

Diamandis (Diamandis, 2012), author of Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, echos Nasar’s sentiments with even more specifics.  In the last 100 years:

  • the human life span has gone up by 2x
  • the per capita income has gone up by 3x (tripled) (adjusted for inflation around the world)
  • the childhood mortality has gone down by 10x
  • the cost of food has gone down by 10x
  • the cost of electricity is down by 20x
  • the cost of transportation is down by 100x
  • the cost of communications is down by 1000x

Diamandis continues, “We truly are living in an extraordinary time. And many people forget this.  And we keep setting our expectations higher and higher. In fact, we redefine what poverty means. Think of this, in America today, the majority of people under the poverty line still have electricity, water, toilets, refrigerators, television, mobile phones, air conditioning and cars. The wealthiest barons of the last century, the emperors on this planet, could have never dreamed of such luxuries. ”

A Pro’s Guide to Wealth

And it only gets better.  If opportunities for wealth and Earning Environments have reverberated throughout recent human history, nothing has ever touched the opportunity available today.  Today the global economy is bringing people out of poverty and birthing millionaires everywhere.

Why is today such a unique time in history–unprecedented for Earning Environment opportunities?  It is unique because the world’s population is joining the global economy.  According to Philip Auserwald, author of The Coming Prosperity:  How Entrepreneurs are Transforming the Global Economy, “When Japan industrialized, they brought roughly 30M people out of poverty.  When China joined the global economy–and so far to date–they have brought about 300M out of poverty.  In the next 20-30 years, 3 billion people are joining the global economy.  It’s going to be a transformation 10x what we have seen from China’s change, which was 10x what happened in Japan.”

Some People Are Making it Big  Will You?

The Boston Consulting Group shows the same upward trend.  Global wealth continues to hit all-time highs sending the percentage of increase of global millionaire households into the double digits. (Curtin, 2011) You can now find your own little pocket of wealth, propelling you, along with many others around the world, into prosperity.

According to Steve Siebold (Curtin, 2011), who has studied the wealthy for over twenty-five years, “even if the world is headed for another recession, there seems to be no better time to be a millionaire or a billionaire.”  He believes now is the easiest time to become a millionaire because there are so many new ways to get rich, so many new problems to solve, and so many more opportunities that did not exist before the great recession.

The Secret the Naysayers Don’t Want You to Know

Increase in Wealth Options by Becoming a Knowledge Entrepreneur

Auserwald (“Philip Auserwald, The Coming Prosperity:  How Entrepreneurs are Transforming the Global Economy,” 2012) chimes in, “If 3 billion people are suddenly given cognitive freedom–suddenly not living just moment to moment, day to day in a subsistence existence, but are creators, are collaborators, are new contributors,” the possibilities are endless.  The Atmosphere of Your Earning Environment today exists in “the most dynamic and promising era in human history–bar none.” (“Philip Auserwald, The Coming Prosperity:  How Entrepreneurs are Transforming the Global Economy,” 2012)

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